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Welcome to Smart Atlas, a geo-networking system that facilitates an enviroment where indivisuals or collectives can map collected data and metadata sets directly onto a map of the world. Although Smart Atlas needs to be downloaded and installed to your machine to run on full functionality it is possiable to demo this application by selecting the Demo option. For more information on Smart Atlas or to register and download the application please see options below.


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Smart Atlas is developed by MaREI. It is being deployed and used by SPINCAM, Irish Coast Guard and ODINAFRICA partners. Smart Atlas is an “atlas in a box” that is easy to deploy and customise. It allows users to publish maps on the web in an easy way. Smart Atlas relies on UMN MapServer’s MapScript as a server side. It has a web graphical user interface developed using GeoExt and ExtJS

Smart Atlas is a web GIS that allows access to, and visualisation of data and metadata. It can be connected to an OGC catalogue service (CSW 2.0.2) that supports the Dublin Core [ISO03] and ISO-19139 metadata standards (e.g. GeoNetwork). It relies on UMN MapServer to render maps


  • Mapping interface with common map controls (zoom, pan, feature information, distance measuring, navigation to an area of interest, print, etc.)
  • A variety of base maps (ESRI maps, Google maps, and Open Street Map)
  • Data browsing by a hierarchy of categories
  • Simple and advanced data search
  • Layer information (summary and full metadata and legends)
  • Data download - provided that download links are provided as part of metadata delivery information according to the GeoNetwork protocol naming convention



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